Loren Gary

Submitted by Loren Gary on August 28, 2009

I first met Millard in the summer of 1982, when I was a Harvard Divinity School student doing a hospital chaplaincy internship in Chicago. Millard spoke at the LaSalle Street Church, where I was worshipping at the time. The last time we chatted in person, he was a guest speaker at the February 2007 Gathering of Leaders event for social entrerepreneurs held in New Paltz, NY, and sponsored by New Profit, Inc. Those two very different venues say a lot about how the best fishing grounds for finding people who want to be God's hands and feet have shifted over the past generation. Throughout the years, Millard and Linda's personal story as well as the work they have accomplished and the lives they have touched through Habitat and the Fuller Center have been a constant source of motivation for this Alabama boy.

I regret that I won't be able to attend the kickoff celebration, but I'll definitely be there in spirit.


Loren Gary
Associate Director,
Leadership Development & Public Affairs
Center for Public Leadership
Harvard Kennedy School