chris boswell

Submitted by chris boswell on June 22, 2009

There is really so many memories I have! I remember all the hand written letters Millard wrote me and I still have. We met in 1998 in Houston Texas. So many things I remember. He reminded me so much of myself. Always fight for what is right and what u believe in. Also always take up for the little person! I tried so hard to take up for Millard and Linda when they were fired. Not sure I accomplished anything? But I guess that was not the point. The point is and was they were not treated right! I am so thankful for the weekend you (Linda) and Millard gave me in your home for the weekend!! I miss his phone calls so very much!! Chris Boswell

Dan Anderson

Submitted by Dan Anderson on June 18, 2009

I found your website by reading an article in the Charlotte Observer about John Edwards and his association with Homes from the Heart.

I have volunteered a couple of times overseas but not with The Fuller Center. Both were wonderful experiences.

The stories featured here are very heart warming and make me hopeful about the future of mankind.

Best Wishes.

Fran Fuller

Submitted by Fran Fuller on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

This is wonderful news! If everyone could do what Millard and his family and friends have done over the years, what a better place our world could and would be. I am just trying to wrap my mind around how many people worldwide have homes because of Millard and his ideas and his energy, but my mind isn't big enough to think that far and wide. God bless the Fuller Center for Housing!!! Sincerely, Fran Fuller

Frances Erickson

Submitted by Frances Erickson on June 16, 2009

Subject: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

Thank you for forwarding this information on Mr. Fuller. I am so very pleased that he has been honored by our Congress and Senate. He is so very much deserving of this honor. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Fuller in San Francisco a number of years ago at a reception by Jim Lowder, who at that time was the director of HFH-SF. I both volunteered and was employed on a part-time basis in both San Francisco and Tucson, AZ.

I just very recently learned about the Fuller Center through a friend of mine and I am so glad you are continuing his work.

Frances Erickson
Nappanee IN

gary wilkins

Submitted by gary wilkins on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

Thank you for sending us the resolution and other info about Millard. I to considered him a friend. We had a lot in common. You can be assured that we will continue to support FCH all we can. Also we will work with your projects when we can. Keep up the good works..

Sue Leonard

Submitted by Sue Leonard on June 16, 2009

Subject: RE: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

This is a wonderful tribute to Millard Fuller and the contributions he made around the world to humanity.

May his family be deeply warmed by this endorsement of the outstanding human being Millard Fuller was.

Sue Leonard
Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC

Henry Cone

Submitted by Henry Cone on June 16, 2009

Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

I was delighted to learn that Millard (and you) had received such acclaim. I have done all I could, I believe, to feature him before and since his untimely passing.

Wilda joins me in love to you and our sincere sympathy for your and the family's great loss. I too have lost a great friend and Christian mentor.

Henry Cone
Cortez, Colorado

Bill Gellatly

Submitted by Bill Gellatly on June 16, 2009

To David Snell,

Thank you for your comments about the Edwards' involvement with the Fuller Center. A couple of years ago I invited Millard to join Willamette West HFH's summer celebration and fundraising dinner. I did so at the risk of alienating a donor or two who had expressed their concern about the challenges Millard and Linda had with the HFH Board, and the eventual formation of the Fuller Center. He and I took a hike in one of Portland's forested parks and there had a chance to discuss the allegations. I took the opportunity to encourage him to set aside the issues, to "drop the baggage" and to move on with this new venture. Someone said "Let Go and Let God." I praise the welcoming comments you made on behalf of the Edwards, and know that God will find many ways to glorify and bless you all.

Bill Gellatly
A Former Executive Director
Willamette West HFF
Portland OR

David M Finkel

Submitted by David M Finkel on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

Obviously this is well deserved. Too bad Millard did not have time to finish his work on earth before being called home to his heavenly father.

Judy Lippman

Submitted by Judy Lippman on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

This was wonderful news. Congratulations.
Judy & Dan Lippman