Rev.James Bandela

Submitted by Rev.James Bandela on April 08, 2009

Hi, I am James Bandela from India state of Andhrapradesh. As the Lord God Almighty says, Psa 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. Really you are doing God's work for the poor people in the world and we a re praying for your projects to be a blessing unto all nations, and shall i be a part of your work from India let us know.

Thomas Chinapoh Karmon

Submitted by Thomas Chinapoh Karmon on April 07, 2009

As an organization we write to encourage the Fuller's family to take heart and keep hope alive. At this sad time, no tears or sorrow can ever bring comfort and happiness except from the Almighty God.

Therefore, call upon Him and He will definitely give you the strength and courage to bear the loss. For He said in His word He will never leave you nor forsake you. He promised to be with you throughout your endeavor. Take heart in the Lord.
Our prayers are with you.

Take care and May God bless you,

Thomas Chinapoh Karmon
Executive Director
Liberian Foundation for Empowerment & Sustainable Development

Ron & Joyce Gregory

Submitted by Ron & Joyce Gregory on March 28, 2009

During the Memorial Service in Atlanta, we were very moved by the total service, especially whenever one of Georgia's youngest child said " Grandpa always played with me," when asked what he remembered about Grandpa. Whenever the world looks to material things, not one of your lovely children or grandchildren said anything about things he gave them, materially, but all shared how he loved them. What a wonderful treasure for you to hang on to, Linda. You both gave of yourselves and that is what everyone who ever worked for or met Millard will remember him by ...LOVE for ALL!

Thank you for letting us share in your lives and ministry! God bless!

Ron and Joyce Gregory
Americus, GA

stephen ogwang

Submitted by stephen ogwang on March 28, 2009

As a church we continually pray for you and ask God to strengthen you and give you more grace to carry on with the Fuller dream, you are not alone at such a time as this for the lord promised never to leave us alone at whatever condition, we hope to meet again.
Stephen Ogwang
senior pastor revival centre(Uganda,East Africa)

Melanie G. Lee on

Submitted by Melanie G. Lee on on March 26, 2009

I have known Millard and Linda Fuller since 1994 when I first met them at the Habitat for Habitat for Humanity-Los Angeles as a Board Member. There started a great friendship with such a wonderful man and my ten-year involvement with Habitat for Humanity. When the Fullers started the Fuller Center, I and other former Habitat for Humanity-Los Angeles Board Members started planning with Millard to start a Fuller Center Regional Center in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we did not achieve this before Millard's passing, but all have vowed to continue Millard's work and will establish the Center in Los Angeles soon. We know that Millard will be giving us great guidance from on high in heaven.

Ray Higgins

Submitted by Ray Higgins on March 26, 2009

Dear Linda & family,

The hearts of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas family go out to you all.

In 2003 you and Millard came to Little Rock, AR to receive Second Baptist Church's (downtown) Brooks Hays Memorial Christian Citizenship Award. You did a beautiful job sharing you story and your life mission. As the pastor of Second at the time, we felt so good about giving this award to you and Millard.

In April 2007, Millard was the keynote speaker at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Arkansas' Spring Conference. It was a great opportunity for our network to hear his life story personally, many hearing it for the first time even though they had helped build a house in Little Rock or in Arkansas through the years.

Charles Ray and I hosted Millard and introduced him to Dr. Fitz Hill, new president of Arkansas Baptist College, the only historic black Baptist college still in existence west of the Mississippi River. It is in the most dangerous zip code in Little Rock. We drove the neighborhood and dreamed about Fuller Center Houses being built as well as renovating a house on the campus and moving our office from affluent west Little Rock into it (which we have done).

In September 2008 we invited Millard back to Little Rock to speak to a group of housing development specialists. He brought the crowd to their feet with his incredible stories and his inspirational vision about providing affordable housing for those many families who need it.

Linda, we are so grateful to God for you and Millard and your life work and ministry, and will continue to keep his name and the Fuller Center's mission alive in Arkansas.

With love & prayers,
Ray Higgins, Coordinator
CBF of Arkansas

Nida Campbell

Submitted by Nida Campbell on March 24, 2009

I am a Turkish architect. I was honored to meet and listen to Mr. Fuller at the AIA Conference in Boston in 2008.. Millard spoke with wisdom, experience and humor. He was a man of faith, the epitomy of integrity and an innovative leader. I am so much inspired of his work and what God has done in his life that I pledge to do my best in construction industry just like him. "Leave the world better than you found. Do good works in God's name". I pray that God will comfort and sustain you in the loss of Mr. Fuller. I am sure he is being missed terribly. God bless.

Jill & Doug Miller

Submitted by Jill & Doug Miller on March 24, 2009

Millard will be missed by us all. His good works will continue and will
grow, just as he planned.

Neill Richards

Submitted by Neill Richards on March 23, 2009

I first met Millard in the summer of 1954 at a Pilgrim Fellowship Conference held at Yale Divinity School. We met again in 1964 when he and Linda visited in our home in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). When we returned to the U.S. we visited them at Koinonia Farms. Our paths continued to cross. I visited them in the Congo. In about 1977 Millard asked me to be on the Habitat Board. And so it went with our last visit about a year ago when Millard stopped by our home in New Jersey. While I had retired, Millard labored on with as much energy as always. His impact from his dedication, drive and determination on our world is somethingthat not many individuals accomplish. It has been a privilege to know Millard (and Linda) through the years and to bask in the light of his freindship.

Denny Mihalinec

Submitted by Denny Mihalinec on March 23, 2009

I was honored to meet Millard Fuller at the groundbreabreaking of the Global Village in Americus many years back. I at that time was 27 yrs old and wanted to find a way to help others in my very poor, low-income community. I had the chance to talk to him for about 20 minutes as we all walked and the advice and inspiration he gave me was enough to make me go back home and start four non-profit organizations within ten years. And I became Chairman of one our local Habitat programs in East Pasco County, Florida. He and Linda are true servants of God! One in a billion on this earth.....

Denny Mihalinec
Trilby, Fla.