Georgia Solotoff

Submitted by Georgia Solotoff on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

To all at the Fuller Center,
I could not be more pleased to hear that Millard is being honored in this way. He was such an amazing person. He did so many incredible acts, so softly but strong. He was such an inspriation to me and to thousands of other people. I thank our good Lord for letting me live in a time that I had the honor to know him and be in his presence.

Georgia Solotoff
Montville, New Jersey
House #12, Lanett, Alabama

Marion Grosjean

Submitted by Marion Grosjean on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

Humongous Congratulations!

Marion Grosjean

Arulmony Thangaswamy

Submitted by Arulmony Thangaswamy on June 16, 2009

Subject: Re: Congress passes resolutions honoring Millard Fuller

Mr. Millard Fuller deserves it. Thank you Congress for the recognition.
I bring to your kind notice in Madurai near National High Way 47, Tamil Nadu , India a housing unit named as Millard Linda Habitat in the year 2007. The name board and stone tablets unveiled by His Excelency Surjit Sigh Barnala , Governer of Tamil Nadu.
Yours in HIM,

Pastor Tom Ford

Submitted by Pastor Tom Ford on May 16, 2009

I was very moved in watching the DVD of Millard's Memorial Celebration at Ebenezer. Thanks very much for making it available. Millard taught me a great deal about the Christian life lived out for others and about how to raise money for the poor and hungry and hurting. This launched my career in social ministry and resulted in many good things happening for many people. I will be forever grateful to Millard and Linda. God's peace to Linda and the children!

Jackie Goodman

Submitted by Jackie Goodman on April 24, 2009

I loved the most recent newsletter! OYEE!

Clyde and Nancy Tilley

Submitted by Clyde and Nancy Tilley on April 20, 2009

Dear Linda (and staff), thank you so much for sending the DVD; we watched it as soon as it arrived. It brought tears to my eyes as we celebrated the life of Millard. We remembered the long walks Clyde took and the Habitat Prayer Notebook I put together and had printed. When Millard and I discussed it, I was thinking of a few hundred books, but Millard, with his great vision, wanted thousands! I gathered the info, had it printed, and called several volunteers to help me collate it. We spent hours (days) walking around tables putting it together. Maybe the prayers it generated helped with the wonderful growth of Habitat.

We were distressed that the TV networks did not give greater attention to Millard's death and memorial service. If it been the death of an athlete or movie star, they would have given days of coverage. I wrote to ABC, NBC, and CBS [regarding] the lack of coverage. I heard from one of them (I think it was Dateline or maybe 60 Minutes) inviting me to submit a one page info sheet on Millard. I did but have not heard any more. I hope yet that a TV network will present Millard's life which is such an inspiration to everyone. Maybe if others would also encourage coverage, they might do it.

Clyde also has great memories of his eleven years of service on the International Habitat Board of Directors. It was an honor to serve alongside President Carter, Tony Campolo, as well as others, and of course Millard. We have great pictures of our annual meetings and were privileged to help organize the affiliates in Jackson and Memphis, TN. Such great memories!!

We pray for the ministry weekly and are praying often for Linda and the wonderful Fuller family.

T H Lawrence, Chairman, Trivandrum Fuller Center

Submitted by T H Lawrence, Chairman, Trivandrum Fuller Center on April 16, 2009

My Tribute to the Great Soul !

I had for Millard a strong passion
Aroused by his deep compassion
For the homeless in his own nation
As also beyond many an ocean.

Millard’s life had a noble vision
In pursuit of which he led a mission
Founded out of his great ambition
For poverty-housing eradication.

The ministry of Habitat for Humanity
With which I enjoyed much affinity
Showed Millard’s love in infinity
That inspired even souls of vanity.

Millard, being of enormous tolerance,
Braved always all the hindrance
That stood against the furtherance
Of his goal and caused interference.

It is four years since the first sitting
At which Millard found it befitting
To sow the seeds at the old setting
For rolling his mission of housing.

Millard, to me, became a dear mentor
With the founding of the Fuller Center;
I know now I have a lot to render
Though I’m left with the ties asunder.

My heart is laden with grief acute,
Yet with a commitment more resolute
I pay Millard my humble tribute
By way of a tearful salute!

Adv T H Lawrence
Chairman, TFCH
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

George Tolman

Submitted by George Tolman on April 12, 2009

I first met Linda and Millard in Africa on the Equator in 1976, and was inspired to start the 7th HfH affiliate here in Tucson, AZ. I also helped start 2 other affiliates in AZ, as well as one in CA, MT, and NM. He made a tremendous contribution to the lives of thousands of people through both HfH and The Fuller Center.

Jim Sampair, MA, MS

Submitted by Jim Sampair, MA, MS on April 11, 2009

A few minutes ago, I discovered that one of my heroes and mentors died over two months ago. I will never forget our fund-raising walk in the blazing heat during the summer of 1987. It was amazing getting to know the guys from Papua New Guinea. I loved how they would pronounce Millard Fuller as “Mee-Lard Foo-Lar”. I feel saddened to have not spoken with or seen Millard Fuller since I walked and built homes from Maine to Maryland in 1989. A physical injury and challenging personal events followed, but Millard and Linda have walked with me in my heart and mind and spirit every step of the way during my adult life. My life is all about giving a hand up and not a hand out, whether it’s been as a teacher or financial advisor. Thank you, Linda, for generously sharing your life, your family, your husband with me and millions, no billions, of others. Without you and Mee-Lard, I know that my life would only be a fraction of what it has been, and you inspire me to be the light of God here on Earth.

Ngawang Tenpa Ratutsang

Submitted by Ngawang Tenpa Ratutsang on April 10, 2009

Hello Fuller Center,
How I came to know about you? interesting, as usual I read National News paper The Himalayan Times, and there my eye meet with the Headline saying "NGO peddles dream home for a steal" and the first paragraph was enough to hold my attention through the end.

The para goes:
What if someone told you that you can build a house for just Rs 66,000? Well, you better believe it when the Shelter and Local Technology Development Center (SLTDC, an NGO, tell you that.

For months me and my New Zealand wife trying to buy a house but the price is too high. Such project is a dream come true for us and therefore, I made sure that I go visit the sample houses that are in the Engineering College premises in Pulchowk, Kathmandu. I took a vedio of the three houses and they all look very livable and strong. I was told the sample houses were built more than seven years ago and I am impressed. I enquired for Samuel Tamang but they have no information of him. I googled by typing Shelter and Local Technology Development in Nepal, guess what? I got fuller Center page. I want to thank you for helping Nepali poor people and we aspire to do the same by building one for ourselves and encourage our community through setting example. Kindly provide us with the Country representative office address, phone, we will appreciate that very much.
Fuller is doing grrrrrrrrrrreat Job, Keep it up.
Roberta and Ngawang