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Sri Lanka is a fascinating country to visit, and here is your chance! Serve God and partner with those in need by joining a trip with an experienced team leader.

Alternatively, you can support the efforts by using your resources to support local labor instead of purchasing an airline ticket. We call this method our virtual participant program.

Upcoming Trips

City   Team Leaders     Dates of Trip  Cost         Status
Colombo   Boots and Ramsay Walker     March 14-28, 2015  $1950         Join
Colombo   Frederick Church of the Brethren     July 19-August 1, 2015           Full
Colombo   Janice Pettey     October 10-20, 2015  $1450      Join

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What will a trip to Sri Lanka be like?

Each trip to Sri Lanka will be with a group of mission-minded volunteers - typically 8-20 total - who want to experience the world, meet new people, and make a difference. No skills required.

Trips last 1-2 weeks and include siteseeing in this beautiful island nation.

How could we describe it?

In 10 words...

1. Exotic. Warm, mysterious, and enticing!
2. Shacks. Mud and thatch are unacceptable houses!
3. Hard work. Sweat and get things done!
4. Beauty. Just look at the pictures.
5. Poverty. Civil war, tsunami, and flooding - huge need.
6. New homes. Simple, affordable, and decent!
7. Monkeys. They're everywhere, fun, and a nuisance!
8. Buddhists. 70% of the population - temples aplenty.
9. Christians. Working with Christians to help all.
10. Elephants. See 'em. Ride 'em. Need we say more?

Project and Country Background

Sri Lanka is a small island (slightly larger than West Virginia) located south of India in the Indian Ocean that was ravaged by a brutal civil war since the early 1980s. The ethnic conflict not only destroyed homes and displaced residents, but stalled economic growth. The war came to an end in May 2009, and the country is ready for stability and growth.

Many families live in slums or wooden shacks. Those who have land often cannot afford to build a house on the land or obtain a loan due to high interest rates. Often the land is worthless and cannot be sold.

The Fuller Center is partnering with the United Christian Fellowship to help families build or improve their homes using no-profit, no-interest loans.

We have already helped over 60 families, but there is much yet to do. To accelerate the pace, we are in need of donations great and small (give for Sri Lanka here) and volunteers!

Typical Day

8 a.m. - Breakfast
9 a.m. - Begin building at work site
12 p.m. - Lunch
1 p.m.-3 p.m. - Continue building
4 p.m. - Evening free for dinner and relaxation

(Exact schedules can be discussed and set depending on the team's preferences.)

Type of work

We are building with bricks or concrete blocks and stuccoing a portion of the completed homes. Most of our projects are small in scope - building a single room addition or one-room basic home for a family, replacing a roof, helping a family have a solid door, etc.

Work will typically involve helping the masons and carpenters. At times there will be painting, and any other work related to a particular build.

We will provide necessary tools, but as with most build sites, it never hurts to bring a few small hand tools with you.

Food and Lodging

Volunteers will stay in double or triple rooms in Hotel Haus Chandra, which is within easy walking distance of the Golden Mile Beach of Moutn Lavinia, where volunteers will enjoy delicious meals and beautiful sunsets.

The hotel has electricity, running water, clean bathroom facilities, air conditioning, wi-fi, and a business center.

Best of all, Hotel Haus Chandra has a website here.

Toiletries, bedding, towels and blankets are provided.


A small bus will be rented to transport the group throughout each day. The distance from the hotel to each worksite will vary, but on average it is about 20 minutes.

Rest, Relaxation, and Siteseeing

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with much to do. We expect each group to spend at least a couple of days seeing the sites - or more if the group desires.

You can go to the beach. Visit a Buddhist temple. See the elephant orphanage - or ride one! Take in the views from the mountain top. Or - as a different way to change things up - spend a day feeding the hungry. 


Most two-week trips will cost $1400-1800. More precise budgets are custom developed for each trip. Trips lasting 7-10 days will naturally cost less than 14-day trips.

Next Steps

As trips with openings become available, we will post them at the top of this page. To apply to join their trip, simply click "Join" next to the trip of your choice. To request more information or be put in touch with the team leader, click the "Request more information" button at the top.

If you're an experienced traveler or team leader, or if you have a group of your own (church, school, etc.), Propose a Trip to let us know what you might like to do!

Trip Preparation

Are you unsure of how to prepare for such an experience or just looking for some tips on how to be better prepared? If so, we suggest you take a look at our Trip Preparation page where you will find a lot of helpful information and links - Preparing For Your Trip!

What happens after the trip?

Even after you return, your trip can have a sustained impact on both you and the community in which you served! Learn how on our Country Champions page.

More about The Fuller Center of Sri Lanka

Learn more on FCH Sri Lanka's page.
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