Bike Adventure Blog

By: Joe Ergle

We managed to have our morning routine nailed down just in time for the last day of riding. The route was from Parkway Baptist Church in Kosciusko (not to be confused with our previous host, Parkway Baptist Church in Houston) to Tougaloo College in Jackson. This is would be our last day of cycling. Morale was high, the weather looked promising, and the spirits of the Old Natchez Trace beckoned us.
The rollout was our warmest yet, though still a little chilly. Most of the cold weather gear was ditched by the first rest stop.
By: Kathryn Grossnickle

This morning after a great warm breakfast spread prepared by the pastor and the men of the church we had our morning devotion.  Jack started it off by reciting a poem that he wrote.  The poem was called

Natchez Poem

When I started out
I felt strong and stout
But as I went
My legs felt spent

I asked my friends
About good mends
For tired feet
And an aching seat.

As the miles rolled by
With clear blue sky
I got advice
Both bad and nice.

Drink lots of water,
Think about your daughter
Change your gears
Avoid your fears. 

But the best I got
Helped a lot
“Just do your best,
Then stop and rest.”
By: Molly Fulghum

Thursday started early at 6:30 a.m. with a hearty and delicious breakfast cooked by some of the gentlemen of Parkway Baptist Church.  We are extremely grateful to them for starting so early in the morning!  This was following a huge variety of home cooked dishes prepared by the church members for dinner the night before and an inspiration service including a presentation by the pastor's daughter Beth Rinehart as part of her preparation for the upcoming Speakers Tournament, a division of Bible Drills.

Thursday was a day off from cycling so what do the Fuller Center Cyclists do on a day off?  We build of course!  We were driven to Greenwood Mississippi to assist with their current project "Baptist Town Neighborhood Revitalization".   Fuller Center Project manager Emily Roush greeted us when we arrived.  Emily is one of 11 Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows in the United States.  She and her husband Richard both work with the Fuller Center in Greenwood.

By: Dan Sheridan

We were all excited about the chance to sleep in after our 100 mile ride yesterday, so we very much enjoyed the comfortable quarters in the activity center at the Tupelo First United Methodist Church.

Our work teams sprang into action—the breakfast team prepared a good meal, the trailer loading team did their thing, and the church cleaning team tidied up, following our motto of “Always leave the church at least as clean as you found it”.

We gathered outside, where Melissa gave us some last minute instructions, and then Ryan shared the beautiful poem “Ragman” by Walter Wangerin, Jr.  To help us continue to take inspiration from this beautiful story, Ryan had us each tear off a strip from a beautiful cloth that he had purchased in Ghana and tie it around another person’s ankle or wrist.

By: Kim Eisenbarth

First, let me thank our gracious hosts from Monday night, Collinwood United Methodist Church.  They fed us and worshipped with us and let us set up "camp" in their sanctuary.

This was our Century Day.  For those of you who do not wear spandex for fun (like cyclists), that means we rode 100 miles today.  Not gonna lie.  It was a challenging day. Weather forecast had promised us warmer temperatures and sunshine. Which we DID get, but not until about 2 pm.  Before that, however, we were cold, had a headwind, and it was misting, which made it feel even colder.

BUT THEN... God parted the clouds and gave us blue skies and sunshine.  Everyone's mood improved dramatically!