by Mike Wieser

I found The Fuller Center For Housing Bike Adventure two years ago when I was researching various charity bike rides. After reading about the goal and mission of the FCBA, I knew I had to be a part of it. Each year’s ride follows a different route, yet I could not have plotted a better route, as it brought me to friends and family in small towns and large cities alike.

by Tim Grembowski

FCBA has been overwhelming in so many wonderful ways. It started with all the encouragement from family and friends as they gave to an organization that many knew nothing about. It inspired me to try to be a worthy representative of their actions in faith. I have greatly appreciated my wife Brenda’s patience as I prepared for weeks before the trip and her attempts to conceal her worry about me biking out on public roads. I was especially surprised when my sister Karen and her husband Terry drove 300 miles to Sioux Falls just to send me off on Sunday!

by Michael Lamorgese

Get up, get up, it's that time of day
We don't wanna miss breakfast with FCBA
Fruit, cereal, and a lot more
I just can’t wait to explore!

I asked everyone if it's time to go,
But they laughed and said, “no, no”
We can’t leave before devotion
Because God gives us the land and ocean
Silly me how could I forget, also
Thank you Lord for those who I have met.

They say to take the trip 20 miles at a time
But it’s hard to do when you have nothing to climb
So we reflect on our past experiences, in the meantime.

The lives of homeowners that we’ve helped
Giving them happiness so their hearts melt,
We love to help those in need,

We are here to make a better community,
And the way to start is within the heart
by Lydia Huelskamp

Oh it is well with my soul. A rest day. How beautiful are those words to a group of 30 something riders who have ridden 500 plus miles in six straight days. We are now in our eighth state and though our muscles are aching, our eyes are heavy, and our minds are continuously tracking the mileage, we are so joyful to have a church floor to come and lay our heads on for a little longer. Some are working on their bikes, some are napping, and some are exploring the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have riders leaving us to return home and others coming to join our life of cycling. Sunday is a welcomed treat.

by Lindsey Bawcom

Although today started out a bit rough weather wise, it turned out tobe a great ride day! We rode about 95 miles starting from Spirit Lake, Iowa to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.The coolest part for me was getting the surprise of actually riding through three states...I didn't realize that we would be biking in Minnesota. This ride marks the end of our biking for this segment,-a total of about 540 miles! I have to admit that at the beginning of the week I was questioning myself about what I had signed up for and if I could even complete another day. It was hard, I probably should've trained better, and I was unsure of where I 'fit in.' As I rode into the church parking lot today with another Fuller Center Bicycle Adventurist, all I could do was smile and
laugh to the point that tears were streaming down my cheeks. The feeling of accomplishment, the friends and memories I've made, and the humbling satisfaction of knowing that what we're doing is making a difference in someone's life is absolutely amazing and truly rewarding. This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm excited to see what the next couple of weeks have in store.