by Lindsey Bawcom

Although today started out a bit rough weather wise, it turned out tobe a great ride day! We rode about 95 miles starting from Spirit Lake, Iowa to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.The coolest part for me was getting the surprise of actually riding through three states...I didn't realize that we would be biking in Minnesota. This ride marks the end of our biking for this segment,-a total of about 540 miles! I have to admit that at the beginning of the week I was questioning myself about what I had signed up for and if I could even complete another day. It was hard, I probably should've trained better, and I was unsure of where I 'fit in.' As I rode into the church parking lot today with another Fuller Center Bicycle Adventurist, all I could do was smile and
laugh to the point that tears were streaming down my cheeks. The feeling of accomplishment, the friends and memories I've made, and the humbling satisfaction of knowing that what we're doing is making a difference in someone's life is absolutely amazing and truly rewarding. This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm excited to see what the next couple of weeks have in store.
by Landon Beachy

It has been an interesting week with the 2014 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. The workday project in North Chicago was preparing a home for a family to move into. It brought meaning and a personal touch to meet the family and their three children. The workdays are what makes FCBA not just a bike ride or vacation. Having ridden with the Fuller Center before it wasn’t new but still refreshing to experience the vision and purpose of the ride and riders again. The generosity  of the church hosts has been awesome.

by Jennifer Wells

For this week, today was the best day for a bike ride. We had partly cloudy to sunny weather, perfect temperatures, smooth shoulders with little to no traffic, birds, solar wind farms, and smooth pedaling. No rain, no high winds, and no crazy highways to deal with today.

All riders arrived in Forest City, Iowa safely. Everyone seemed to enjoy the ride today!

Hi, my name is Bob Hibma. I grew up on an Iowa farm and I am a retired corn and soybean farmer. I was 60 when I started bike riding, and over the last 16 years I've been on week long organized rides in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, and have ridden several thousand miles on our Iowa county blacktops.

I heard about Fuller Center from my daughter Alice, who is riding Chicago to Astoria, Oregon, and I am joining the segment to Sioux Falls. 

Hi, my name is Lindsey Giles from Albany, GA. Today’s ride was from Evansville, WI to Lancaster, WI which turned out to be a grueling, windy 81 miles if one did not miss a turn as I did. However, for me marks 17 biking days, 3 off days, and 5 build days, equaling 25 days of being on the Fuller Center Bike Adventure and becoming a part of this truly amazing organization both physically and emotionally challenging but so worth it!! 

Becoming a part of the adventure became more a reality versus a dream approximately one year ago after my father passed. On this journey I am wearing his sunglasses, which leaves me feeling not only is he with me in my heart but also is sharing the journey with me through the now shared lens of our sunglasses. For those reading the blogs and following the bike adventure, I encourage you to take part in this amazing journey because it will affect you and change your overall outlook of life.