Hi, my name is Lindsey Giles from Albany, GA. Today’s ride was from Evansville, WI to Lancaster, WI which turned out to be a grueling, windy 81 miles if one did not miss a turn as I did. However, for me marks 17 biking days, 3 off days, and 5 build days, equaling 25 days of being on the Fuller Center Bike Adventure and becoming a part of this truly amazing organization both physically and emotionally challenging but so worth it!! 

Becoming a part of the adventure became more a reality versus a dream approximately one year ago after my father passed. On this journey I am wearing his sunglasses, which leaves me feeling not only is he with me in my heart but also is sharing the journey with me through the now shared lens of our sunglasses. For those reading the blogs and following the bike adventure, I encourage you to take part in this amazing journey because it will affect you and change your overall outlook of life.

Going 92 miles allows for many options for today's title. My name is Leah Spurlin, originally from Alabama but I currently live in Kentucky. I signed up for this ride for a chance to bike across the country and do some type of ministry. Back in Kentucky I find myself too busy to do a lot of things, especially volunteering my time to serve others. After the first build day in Atlantic City I caught the bug. The more I serve the more my heart yearns to do more. The hard thing is having to leave and pedal on to the next place. Wishing I could help and do even more.

My name is Lauryn Kostopoulos and I am one of the youngest riders here. My friend Michael Lamorgese and I are both 19 years old and decided to embark on the journey of our lifetime this summer. We met at school, Sacred Heart University, and were texting over our Christmas break and jokingly said we wanted to bike across the country. We went searching on the internet to try to find a good organization to go with and we came across the Fuller Center For Housing Bicycle Adventure. We did some reading into it and automatically fell in love with it; right then and there we knew this was the one and we stopped looking for any others.

by Nicole Bies

I feel that it is necessary to introduce myself, even though it has only a year since I’ve been a part of this FCBA blogosphere. I’m Nicole. I’m riding the next 3 segments. I arrived late last night and was assigned to write the blog today. Surprise!

by Tom Weber

While chatting with a Waukegan FCBA board member Friday evening, I was asked why I keep riding year after year. Not a simple thing to answer. I’ll try to explain: I am an introvert, which may raise some eyebrows from my FCBA family, but it’s true. Because I am an introvert, I have trouble meeting people and making friends. The FCBA adventure forces me to meet new people and forces me to relate to them. And, this is only a little painful for me, for the people who ride with me very soon become my heroes -- I can sit back and watch the relationships grow between the riders, and eventually they all seek me out to some degree, and soon we start bonding in a very beautiful way. Almost without exception, they are all younger than I am. They inspire me more and more as the weeks progress, as they are challenged both physically and mentally, while they seek out who they are, and who their God is. They witness their faith, which allows me to grow in my faith. I can encourage them as they struggle up the hills, against the wind, against the cold, against the hot, against the road conditions, against the loneliness when they end up by themselves mile after mile, and when I see the looks on their faces as they reach summit after summit of struggle on this adventure, my heart sings for them.