Building a Better World, One House at a Time

The Fuller Center for Housing is an international, Christian nonprofit that builds and renovates houses in partnership with families in need. Homeowners work hand-in-hand with volunteers to build or renovate their homes, which they then pay for on terms they can afford, with no interest charged or profit made. This is charity with dignity and a building program that creates decent homes, restores neighborhoods and revitalizes communities.

Latest News

November 24, 2015
The Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention recently asked us to help them with their annual collection of prayers from women around the world. Seeking a contribution from Nepal, they knew of The Fuller Center's decade-long work in Nepal and our recently
November 23, 2015
The day after Thanksgiving has become an opportunity for bargain-hunters to snag some great deals on gifts for others and themselves. For others, it has become a day to relax at home and avoid the massive crowds. Now, for those who would like to see the
November 22, 2015
(Spartanburg Herald Journal) Beaudell Gilliam hoped that her husband would soon be able to get over his physical ailments enough to repair the leaking roof of the home that they had shared for 58 years. She hoped that they could quit catching rain drops
November 12, 2015
(WMAZ-TV) The Fuller Center for Housing of Macon, Georgia, is in the midst of its biggest fundraising campaign event of the year today as they participate in Georgia Gives Day, a crowdfunding opportunity for nonprofits throughout the state. WMAZ-TV
November 12, 2015
(WEEK-TV) The Illinois Valley Fuller Center for Housing in Peoria specializes in helping local veterans have simple, decent places to live, and their efforts are amplified every Veterans Day. As part of Wednesday's Veterans Day celebration, the Fuller
November 03, 2015
The United Church of Christ has launched an effort to build 50 safe, permanent homes in the earthquake-ravaged country of Nepal and will be doing so with a familiar partner, The Fuller Center for Housing. The Christian denomination and the Christian