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August 22, 2014
In June, volunteers worked alongside Damien and Cassie Battle — along with some of their extended family and friends — to help them build a simple, decent home in which to raise their three children: Damien, Damia and Damaya. The build
August 12, 2014
After two years of leading the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure as a volunteer, Melissa Merrill is returning to the full-time workforce. During her two years at the helm of the fundraising and awareness program, she led cross-country summer rides
August 09, 2014
The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, which began June 6 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, came to an end today as cyclists ran out of road in Astoria Oregon, on the Pacific Coast — 3,600 miles from their starting point on the Atlantic Coast. Fuller
August 07, 2014
(WEEK-TV) Debbie Gaught, co-founder and treasurer of the Illinois Valley Fuller Center for Housing in Peoria, is among the "25 Women in Leadership" being recognized by ABC TV affiliate WEEK. Gaught, who will be recognized with the 24 other
August 05, 2014
All Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners open their arms to those who wish to volunteer their time to help others have simple, decent homes. But rarely do they come en masse they way they did for the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project in June
August 05, 2014
Sorry, kids, but your "What I did on my summer vacation" essay might not stack up well next to Phil Riazzi's. The 2014 University of Cincinnati graduate spent his summer in Peru, building houses with The Fuller Center for Housing. This past